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What is Genetic Based Training?

Feeling good & not looking your age

Genetic Based Training revolves around creating a unique and specific plan based on your individual make-up. By analyzing an individual's Nature (Genetics), Nurture (Epi-Genetics) past and present lifestyle, a story can unfold. Implementing these facets allows for proper programming and periodization to take place. Through this type of problem solving best results can be produced and reproduced in a timely fashion.

What makes Genetic Based Training different?

A life altering process to fitness

Through a thorough evaluation process, an extremely specific plan based on your genetic make-up can be designed. A person's lifestyle, appearance, personality, physiology and risk factors are some of the core values when implementing such a program. Once the evaluation process is executed, a program can be designed & implemented.

How does Genetic Based Training work?

Treating the cause not the symptom

Genetic Based Training goes further then the traditional goal-based approach. Genetic Based Training goes “with the grain” of your body’s natural instincts which enables individuals to achieve quicker and longer lasting results. Genetic Based Training can be implemented and act as the intel inside for other training systems.

Genetic Based Training Services

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    Building a proper foundation is essential to preventing injury and achieving your personal fitness goals. Read More

  • Icon Nutrition


    It is understood that a nutrition plan must complement your lifestyle, allergies, and what you like to eat. Read More

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    Genetic Based Training isn't just for individuals it can be scaled and applied to groups, athletic teams, and corporate businesses. Read More

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Franco Zuccoli

Franco Zuccoli, B.S. in Exercise & Wellness Arizona State University, is an exercise and wellness specialist and founder of the Genetic Based Training Method. He has over 20 years experience helping individuals reach their genetic potential.

As a recognized expert in his field, he has worked with professional organizations and athletes from the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and many others. He has also had the opportunity to work with many high level executives and entertainers early in his career.

Franco has been able to develop and test his personal training system, Genetic Based Training, on high profile clientele. After attaining successful results with athletes and entertainers, he has turned his focus on people of all walks of life to achieve the pain-free and healthy lifestyle they deserve.