Genetic Based Training™ Services

Whether you are currently sedentary, a fitness enthusiast, or an athlete, the GBT approach will work for you.

All exercise prescription is based on the initial evaluation process. In order to yield the most efficient, and effective program for your desired goal, Franco will design an exercise plan for the client pertaining to their choice of services and genetics. The final step is to implement the exercise program correctly for the best results. Proper program periodization must take place in order to reduce injury, boredom, and enhance results. Depending on a client's needs, Franco recommends no more than 4 weeks on a certain exercise regimen.

GBT enables an individual to dictate the pace and plan of the program at any given time. This allows a potential client the opportunity to take ownership and control, so they can reach their goal and maintain it.


  • Prehabilitation Techniques
  • Physique Transformation
  • Overall Strength Development
  • Power & Speed Enhancement
  • Flexibility Treatments
  • Secondary Rehabilitation Protocol

The GBT approach to wellness takes into account present diet activity level, and lifestyle.

Franco will analyze information from the initial evaluation to compose a balanced wellness program. Dietary guidelines, along with other suggestions regarding present lifestyle and activity will be implemented. In order to sustain small changes going forward, Franco does his best to make sure the client enjoys their new approach to a healthy lifestyle. Due to the nature of the service, communication amongst practitioner and client are very important through the duration of the program.

GBT turns diet into your diet pertaining to your goals, metabolism, food allergies and interests. It enables you to reach your goal faster and have gained an education on how you should eat for yourself, so you can maintain and alter it if needed.


  • Eating for Health
  • Fat Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Performance Eating

GBT integrates into most other methods of health, fitness and performance acting as the intel inside.

Whether you are an individual, coach, team, or corporation, Franco can analyze your programs or answer any questions.

In combining GBT along with enlisting his team of professionals, Franco is able to determine the best solution to any given issue/challenge that a client may present.


  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Sport Screening
  • Program Analysis
  • Multi-Sport Strategies
  • Regeneration Techniques
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Cross Promotion
  • Product Support
  • Gym Design